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ADS Fine Woods is based in New York and operate as an exclusive manufacture representative for our North American distributors and importers. The factory - ADS Brasil Industria do Commercio de Madeira is located in the state of Rondonia, Brazil.

ADS Brasil owns 50,000+sf manufacturing and warehousing plant situated on 16 acres of land equipped with dry kilns capable of drying about 800 cubic meters of lumber per month, state of art fully computerized, high speed hydro and traditional moulders able to precisely mill top quality flooring and decking. We continuously improve and expand our production capacity by adding new kilns and new generation moulders.

In order to bring our products closer to our clients, ADS has established itself in the United States, creating its own warehouse location in the East Coast (New York). Our products are therefore produced in Brazil and kept in stock in the US, forming constant inventories from which we serve our clients with the best products which we have to offer. Large inventory of a wide range of spices allows us to quickly respond to numerous requests of demanding building industry.

We only sell products that are manufactured to the highest quality standards and meet high expectations of our clients. We pride ourselves with a great number of loyal customers.

Due to a fact that we can source lumber from a variety of independently operated saw mills as well as from our own sustainably logged forest we are able to offer a steady and consistent supply of numerous species of varied specifications and at the same time focusing on quality control.

Interests in Europe are represented by ADS Drewno with offices located in Warsaw, Poland.

We are well established in Eastern Europe countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, part of former Soviet republics and Slovakia. With ongoing relationship with the largest chain distributors in Europe like Castorama and Leroy-Merlin we became one of the recognized and respectful suppliers of exotic flooring.

With only 60 super stores Leroy-Merlin and Castorama have in Poland and hundreds and hundreds more throughout entire Europe there is no doubt that there is a huge market with hundreds of millions of potential clients to be yet taken. Our goal is to maintain our strategic position and continue the growth.

We are not brokers, agents or middle man we are the MANUFACTURERS. We control our resources, we control our drying, we control our milling and therefore we can offer you the best quality and best prices.

ADS Fine Woods
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